Articles written by Marilyn J. Dominick, NEW Chairperson and Public School Representative

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1/2-21Exciting Opportunities for Nazarene Educators Worldwide

1/2 21How Did I End Up Here?

5-21How Should We Assess Student Learning This Year?

1/2-20Second Only to Parenting, Teaching Is the Most Important Job in the World

3/4-20NEW Needs You! What Do You Need from NEW?

6-20How Do We Know They Are Learning?

8-20A Reflection on Being an Educator During COVID-19

8-20NEW Needs You! What Do You Need from NEW?

9-20Should We Return to School?

10-20What Is Your Perspective?

11-20What Can We Do for Each Other?

1-19Partnership with Parents

2-19Redemption and Restoration

3-19A prayer for Mutual Respect and Protection

4-19Let’s Teach Our Students to Assess Their Own Writing Pieces

4-19NEW Needs You! What Do You Need from NEW? (with Lance Howard)

4-19NEW Needs You! What Do You Need from NEW?

6-19Reminders About NEW Membership

7-19You Must Read This Book!

11-19Preparing Students for Standardized Assessments All Year Long

1-18Nazarene Educators Worldwide Council Meets in Kansas City

3-18Autism in YOUR Classroom

6-18NEW Needs You

7/8-18What Are Professional Learning Communities and Can They Have an Impact on My School?

9-18Is Recess Just Play?

11-18Taming the Middle School Anxiety Beast

12-18Hold on Tight, the Sugar Plums Will Soon Dance in Your Heads

1-17What’s Not to Love About Rubrics?

2/3-17Nazarene Educators Need Your Help

4-17What Did You Say? What Did You Mean?

5-17A Leadership Rubric

11-17The Very Real Challenge of Managing Behavior in the Classroom

8-16A Prayer for Mutual Respect and Protection

10/11-16  What Is Your Perspective?

2-15Partnership with Parents

4-15What I Love (and Don’t Love) About Common Core and Standardized Testing

9-15It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

11-15Fear Not! How to prepare for Teacher Observation and Evaluation

2-14In Order to Be Retired, Do You Have to Be Tired First, and Then Begin Tired Again? YES

9-14Just Who Do You Think You Are?

10-14Hold on Tight, the Sugar Plums Will Soon Dance in Our Heads

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