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3-21 New Ways to Direct a Preschool

4-21Oh, the Things We Can Learn from a Child

1/2-20From Retain to Potty Training to Director

5-20Remembering God Is Still in Control

9-20Changes! Changes! Changes!

10-20Not All Queens Wear Crowns

12-20God Always Has a Plan

3-19God Bless Teachers

4-19Teachers Under Construction

5-19Oh, the Things a Two-Year-Old Can Teach You

6-19Oh, the Changes I Have Seen

7-19The Children I Have Taught

8-19A New School Year

11-19 The Perfect Class

2-18“I Didn’t Get It Out”

11-18Children Learn by Playing

1-17Local Celebrations

5-17Not All Queens Wear Crowns

12-17What Do You Do?

1-16Christmas Throughout the Year

4-16Recycle Gardening

8-16A New School Year

9-16Are the Children “Life-Ready”?

12-16Christmas Memories

2-15Child’s Play

4-15God’s Loved

7/8-15Jesus Is Still the Same

10-15The Wonders of Fall

11-15God Bless Teachers

2-14Teachers Under Construction

4-14Spring Ideas for a Preschool Class

6/7-14Where Are They Now?

10-14Autumn Is Here!

12-14Christmas Traditions

12-13What Do You Do?

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