Articles by Jan Wilton—Homeschool Representative, also experienced in Public School, Preschool/Early Childhood Learning Center

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1-21Called to Teach and Serve

3-21Does Happiness Require a Different Type of Learning?

5-21End of the Year Tests—a Time to Be RELAXED and Celebrate!

5-20Being Resilient as a Homeschool Parent

8-20Hands-on Homeschool—Let’s Get Messy!

1-19Reclaiming Childhood

2-19We Are Diversely One

3-19Can I Teach the Bible?

5-19I Wonder . . .

6-19Intergenerational Learning

9-19Promoting Creativity in a Non-Creative World

10-19Building His Kingdom by Reaching His Kids

2-18Making a Difference in a Child’s Perspective of the World

3-18Put Some SPARK in Your Life

4-18Just a Few More Minutes, Please?

9-18Homeschooling Families—Back to School with a Fresh Start

10-18Why Should a Parent Homeschool?

12-18Young Inquiring Minds Just Want to Know

1-17When I Play, I Learn

5-17Homeschool Family Vacation—A Time to Play and Learn

7/8-17Building His Kingdom, Reaching His Kids

11-17Hands-On Homeschool—Let’s Get Messy

12-17Savoring or Regretting Things I Wished I Could Do Over

1-16We Are Diversely One

3-15Easter Is More Than a Chocolate Bunny

5/6-15Friendship Factor

7/8-15Intergenerational Learning

1-14Reclaiming Childhood

8-14Called to Teach with Love

9-14Why I’ll Never Tell My Son He’s Smart

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