Articles by Mark Taylor—College/University Level Representative, also experienced in Christian Schools

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4-21 The Strength of Gentleness

5-21Have You Tried Assistive Technology?

1/2-20My Story—from West Virginia to Missouri

5-20Through and Beyond COVID-19

6-20A Teacher’s Relationship with an Administrator: A Look at Both Sides

11-20Why Should You, as a Christian, Vote?

12-20Me! Teach in a Christian School?

3-19March and Pi

9-19The Ultimate Teacher

9-19The First Day of School

2-18Anxiety in 2018

4-18March Madness and Spring Break

6-18Graduation Thoughts

7/8-18Where Will You Connect This Fall?

11-18Give Thanks

12-18The Last Straw

7/8-17Tips for a Successful College School Year

9-17Disasters Bring Opportunities to Help Others

10-17Reasons Today’s Kids Are Bored at School, Feel Entitled, Have Little Patience and Fewer Real Friends

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