Wes Eby—Global Education Representative, also experienced in Public Schools 

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3-21Hope—for 2021

4-21Sustained, Silent Reading—with Twists

3/4-20Lessons Learned as an ESL Teacher, Part 1

5-20Lessons Learned as an ESL Teacher, Part 2

6-20Teaching ESL Impacts Lives in a Local Church: The Journey Continues

6-20Secrets to Establishing a Positive Teacher/Supervisor Relationship

7-20ESL--A Ministry That Connects

8-20School District Honors Respected Nazarene Educator, Jean O’Dell

9-20Starting School the AWE Way!

10-20Tiptoeing Through the Politics of 2020

11-20Faces Behind the Masks

12-20God Brings the Unexpected

1-19LEKS, Part 2—Integration of LEKS Across Content Areas

2-19Butcher and Saipan and Yutu

4-19MK School in Papua New Guinea Highlands

5-19Lessons Learned as a New Teacher

6-19Summertime High and Low Lessons

7-19Two Great Teachers—Two Writing Mentors

8-19Lee Eby Primary School in Papua New Guinea Highlands

9-19“Special” Days Promote Language and Concept Development

10-19Salt-and-Light Educators


2-18Child Development Centers Support a Holistic Model of Education

3-18NEW’s New Logo

4-18Nazarene Higher Education in Guatemala Has Huge Impact

6-18Thailand School of Promise

7/8-18A Vision, A Plan, A School

10-18SENDAS Fulfills Vision

11-18LEKS—Language Expansion Kits

11-18There Are More Believers Than You Think

12-18Community Care School in Kenya Empowers Students

7/8-17Visual Aids Increase Understanding

9-17Nazarene Churches Establish More Than 100 Schools in the DRC

10-17A Haven of Peace, A Day in the Life of Nazarene Evangelical School

12-17A Nazarene University in Southern Africa Is a Pioneer in Education

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