Beula Postlewait—Communications, experienced in Public Schools 

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1/2-21Exciting Opportunities for Nazarene Educators Worldwide

3-21Who Had It Easiest During COVID-19?

4-21I Didn’t Understand It at the Time

5-21The U.S. Department of Education Releases Guidelines to States on Assessing

5-21Social Distancing in Schools

3/4-20My Experience in an Egyptian Preschool

3/4-20NEW Needs You! What Do You Need from NEW?

8-20Saying “Happy Summer” in a Fun Way!

8-20NEW Needs You! What Do You Need from NEW?

10-20ANCS—NIEA—NEW: The History and the Future

2-19Would You Like to Write an Article for This Newsletter?

2-19Shaping the Future

3-19Mid-Year Reality Check About Discipline

4-19Teaching with Higher-Order Thinking Skills

5-19Learning to Teach in Southern Ohio

6-19Summer House Cleaning

7-19Congratulations, Michael Redding!

7-19I Love to Read Books

8-19What Are Inclusive Playgrounds?

9-19When Left Is Right

9-19Would You Like to Write an Article for This Newsletter?

11-19Seasons of Teaching

12-19A Calling and a Choice

1-18Prayer for My Class in 2018

2-18Nazarene Educator Honored by Local School District (Cindy Alsip)

5-18Why Should a Parent Homeschool?

6-18Teach Children to Make Good Choices

9-18Good Reasons to Call Parents

9-18Incorporate Humor in Your Classroom

10-18Did the Principal Come into Your Room Today?

12-18Fun Ways to Help Children Become Good Readers

10-17News About Storms and Our Nazarene Schools

1-16Our Gifts to Our Children

12-16Never Too Old for Dolls

3-15Using the Internet to Complete Schoolwork at Home

3-15What Will Be Your Legacy?

4-15Perseveranceto the End of the Race

5/6-15Summer House Cleaning

9-15Why Is the No. 2 the No. 1?

11-15Are You a Member of Nazarene Educators Worldwide?

8-14Your Eyes Affect Your Learning

9-14How Important Is the Number 3?

10-14Happy Thanksgiving

12-14Dreams and Visions 

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