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God’s Mysterious Way by Wes Eby

“Truly, O God of Israel, our Savior, you work in mysterious ways” (Isaiah 45:15, NLT).

I applied for a teaching position with the federal government on the Navajo Reservation and scheduled an interview with an official during our Christmas break. When the man assured me of a position, I asked when I could expect to be hired. His reply: “January 15.”

Based on the promise, I returned to my teaching job in Alabama and resigned. But when the “magic day” arrived, I still was not hired.  [Click here to keep reading]

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Mid-year Reality Check About Discipline
by Beula Postlewait

If you survived the pre-Christmas frenzy, you probably have a good discipline policy in place. Kids naturally have a level of energy that increases as Christmas break gets closer. As you settle in for the winter months, here are a few reminders about discipline.


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