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Brand New Resources from The Foundry

Church of the Nazarene's Excellent Publishing House!

Children’s Resources for Homeschoolers and Christian Schools

*Unless otherwise noted, you can purchase any of these materials through (formerly known as the Nazarene Publishing House).

Devotions/Spiritual Development

  • ·       My Life with Jesus (365 Devotions for Kids)—for elementary readers or family use
  • ·       Anytime Family Devotional—magnetized activity pad with tear-off sheets each day; conversation and prayer starters; ideas for intentional family time

New Christian Resources

  • ·       My Relationship with Jesus
  • ·       My Baptism Story
  • ·       Young Believer’s Discipleship Series Pack
  • ·       Basic Bible Studies for New and Growing Christians (for Junior High through Adult)
  • ·       Basic Bible Studies for the Spirit-Filled and Sanctified Life (for Junior High through Adult)
  • ·       Basic Bible Studies for New and Growing Christians (App)

Biblical Knowledge

  • ·       Eureka! Sunday School Curriculum
  • ·       Children’s Quizzing, student books and leader’s guides for 6 years (Genesis, Exodus,
  • 1 and 2 Samuel; Joshua, Judges, Ruth; Matthew, Acts)
  • ·       Faith Words for Kids (Dictionary)
  • ·       Collide (for Preteens, Grades 5 and 6)—a 12-week study that explores different areas where a preteen’s life will intersect with their faith: Life and Scripture; Life and God; Life and Service; and Life and Others

Bible Memory

  • ·       Clyde vs. Verses DVDs
  • ·       Hide and Keep Bible Memory CDs/DVDs—Resource from DaVonne Lee. These coordinate with the Children’s Quizzing curriculum. Purchase at

Social Studies/World Culture

  • ·       Children’s Missionary Books (different each year)
  • ·       Children’s Mission Education Curriculum

Practical Skills

  • ·       Caravan Program (skills program with or without badges)

Nazarene Faith

  • ·       My Faith: Nazarene Catechism for Kids

Parent Resources

  • ·       A Faith of Their Own: An Experience Guide for Parents and Preteens (A book for parents and preteens to do together)—by Chris Folmsbee
  • ·       A Faith of Their Own: Understanding the Common Cry of Preteens (Separate book and DVD,  small group resource)—by Chris Folmsbee
  • ·       77 Ways Your Family Can Make a Difference—by Penny A. Zeller
  • ·       When a Child You Love Is Grieving—by Harold Ivan Smith
  • ·       Ending Sibling Rivalry—by Sarah Hamaker
  • ·       Raising Kids to Extraordinary Faith—by Debbie Salter Goodwin
  • ·       Single Moms Raising Sons—by Dana S. Chisholm
  • ·       Angry Birds and Killer Bees: Talking to Your Kids About Sex—by Todd Bowman
  • ·       Empowering Your Child Who Has Special Needs—Debbie Salter Goodwin
  • ·       Raising Your Children’s Children—Martha Evans Sparks
  • ·       7 Ways to Be a S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Mom—by Kasey Johnson
  • ·       Camp Gramma: Putting Down Spiritual Stakes for Your Children—by Judi Braddy

Kimberly Crenshaw, an editor at The Foundry Publishing Company, compiled these resources.

You may contact Kimberly at KCrenshaw@The Foundry

Auburn Church of the Nazarene, Auburn, NY - Our homeschool co - op recently presented a dramatic production of Queen Esther!



We have had 2 wonderful Zoom Discussions with our Home School Educators!

We have had the huge honor to hold two Home School Curricula Collaboration Discussions with some very experienced Home School Educators.  Thank you to all who attended!  Thank you, Jan Wilton, our NEW Council member who represents homeschoolers.  To all of you - your insight, experience and recommendations will provide strong footing for those who are just starting out, just need some support, or are considering whether or not to Home School. 

In the very near future, we will be publishing a list of curriculum that has been recommended and we are also working on a booklet to help those planning to homeschool.  Be watching for those!  There has never been a stronger interest in educating at home and NEW stands ready to support homeschoolers with guidance and resources.   

Please send questions or input to:

Jan Wilton -

Beula Postlewait -

Marilyn J. Dominick -  


Resources for Home Schoolers! 


Click Here!

Professional Development! 

 Home School with Success - Click Here

Curriculum & Content 

Miniature Masterminds - Click Here

Faith Based Home School Curricula - Click Here

Classical Conversations - Click Here


Hailing from Lancaster, Texas, Jan homeschooled her youngest daughter and found the joy of observing her daughter begin to thrive and grow     academically. Witnessing firsthand the challenges and rewards of homeschooling brought to the awareness of the need for and importance of the homeschooling option. She is currently a homeschooling “coach” for her daughter who homeschools her autistic son. Jan has served on the Council for NEin several capacities for the past 12 years.   Her passion is to resource, inspire, encourage, and motivate homeschooling parents in the education of their children. 

To read more about Jan's story, click HERE

Suggestions from Experienced Home School Educator

& Former NEW Council MemberJanine Wilkins


Nazarene Bible Quizzing is the BEST bible curriculum that there is for Nazarene kids!!!!


Apologetics Curriculum and Online Class

Frank Turek online class

Fearless Apologetics

We studied apologetics and competed at tournaments through Stoa and NCFCA

Model how YOU study the Bible and grow and teach them to do the same IN CONTEXT.  Show them more than you "make them do Bible".

Worship with them rather than teach them about worship. Serve at church and show them how. 

Weaver Curriculum Unit Studies for the whole family at one time including Bible:


Teaching Reading at Home based on The Writing Road to Reading

Comprehension Drills


Answers in Genesis Science

Considering God's Creation- hands on kinetic science  grade k-7

Apologia all grades

Critical thinking and communication:

Speech and Debate Two Christian Homeschool Leagues: Stoa:

NCFCA:  Look for a club nearby 

Easiest and most comprehensive Curriculum for Speech and Debate:

(works with both leagues) 

Competition fuels excellence---speech and debate brings all subject areas together. 


Format Writing-No frills writing for almost all ages--best SAT/ACT Prep too--

Easy Grammar Plus and Daily Grams

for parents who HATE grammar themselves. this one is idiot proof, quick, and easy to use. 

The way my kids became excellent writers is by writing every day. Set the timer and make them write. They also wrote debate cases and speeches. Competition makes them want to excel in writing! 

When I had the baby, my older girls did Bob Jones online. We all hated the busy work, but it was very complete. 


Streams of Civilization

America's Providential History

The Story of the World All the volumes and materials for all ages:

We used Abeka too. 


We used Horizons or Abeka for first and second grade. 

Then we used Saxon through High School. 

They all did the stand alone Geometry: the girls with Bob Jones and my son with

Teaching Textbooks:

Later High School

Modern States "First Year of College for Free" Classes to prepare for CLEPS with Vouchers to take the CLEP tests for free.

Dual Enroll in community college if student is advanced. If not, use modern states, and practice CLEPS with 



To learn the roots of words:

I used every singing curriculum I could find: for example 

Lyrical Life Science

Geography Songs:

My 4 year olds could sing every country on the planet.

It was so impressive, even if their pronunciation and comprehension was off--twin 3 yr olds reciting all the countries of the former USSR

shut the mouths of all my family who thought "homeschooling was insane". (in 1995 in NYC)

Nowadays, if you have to teach a concept, you can google youtube multipication tables and find a million choices. 

We love for math and now every subject for free, can't beat it. 

Quizlet is a necessity in our house for all kinds of practice in everything!! Even through grad school:

Here is a list of articles written by Jan Wilton, listed by month/year of the newsletter. Access them by finding the newsletter you need under our NEWsletter tab.  The numbers to the left of each article indicate the month and year of the appropriate newsletter.

Jan Wilton—Homeschool Representative, also experienced in Public School, Preschool/Early Childhood Learning Center

1-21Called to Teach and Serve

3-21Does Happiness Require a Different Type of Learning?

5-21End of the Year Tests—a Time to Be RELAXED and Celebrate!

5-20Being Resilient as a Homeschool Parent

8-20Hands-on Homeschool—Let’s Get Messy!

1-19Reclaiming Childhood

2-19We Are Diversely One

3-19Can I Teach the Bible?

5-19I Wonder . . .

6-19Intergenerational Learning

9-19Promoting Creativity in a Non-Creative World

10-19Building His Kingdom by Reaching His Kids

2-18Making a Difference in a Child’s Perspective of the World

3-18Put Some SPARK in Your Life

4-18Just a Few More Minutes, Please?

9-18Homeschooling Families—Back to School with a Fresh Start

10-18Why Should a Parent Homeschool?

12-18Young Inquiring Minds Just Want to Know

1-17When I Play, I Learn

5-17Homeschool Family Vacation—A Time to Play and Learn

7/8-17Building His Kingdom, Reaching His Kids

11-17Hands-On Homeschool—Let’s Get Messy

12-17Savoring or Regretting Things I Wished I Could Do Over

1-16We Are Diversely One

3-15Easter Is More Than a Chocolate Bunny

5/6-15Friendship Factor

7/8-15Intergenerational Learning

1-14Reclaiming Childhood

8-14Called to Teach with Love

9-14Why I’ll Never Tell My Son He’s Smart

Other Articles written for Homeschoolers:


Called to Teach, Reach, and Serve—by Jan Wilton, Homeschool Rep. (Jan-Feb 2021)

Christmas Dinosaurs in a Topsy-Turvy 2020—by Nancy Hale, Homeschooling Parent and Guest Writer (Mar 2021)

Does Happiness Require a Different Type of Learning? –by Jan Wilton, Homeschool Rep. (Mar 2021)

End of the Year Tests—A Time to Be RELAXED and Celebrate! –Jan Wilton, Public School and Homeschool Rep. (May 2021)


Being Resilient as a Homeschooling Parent—Jan Wilton, Homeschool Rep. (May 2020)

Hands-on Homeschool—Let’s Get Messy!—by Jan Wilton, Homeschool Rep. (Oct. 2020)


Teach Children to Lead—by Tracy Gosnell, Homeschool Rep. (Jan 2019)

Reclaiming Childhood—by Jan Wilton, Homeschool Rep. (Jan 2019)

We Are Diversely One—by Jan Wilton, Homeschool Rep. (Feb 2019)

Can I Teach the Bible? —by Jan Wilton, Homeschool Rep. (Mar 2019)

I Wonder . . .—by Jan Wilton, Homeschool Rep. (May 2019)

Intergenerational Learning—by Jan Wilton, Homeschool Rep. (June 2019)

Promoting Creativity in a Non-Creative World—by Jan Wilton, Homeschool Rep. (Sept 2019)

Building His Kingdom by Reaching His Kids, by Jan Wilton, Homeschooling Rep. (Oct 2019)


A Team Approach to Learning—by Tracy Gosnell, Homeschool Rep. (Jan 2018)

Making a Difference in a Child’s Perspective of the World—by Jan Wilton, Homeschool Rep. (Feb 2018)

Put Some SPARK in Your Life—by Jan Wilton, Homeschool Rep. (Mar 2018)

Just a Few More Minutes Please —by Jan Wilton, Homeschool Rep. (Apr 2018)

Why Should a Parent Homeschool? —by Beula Postlewait, Communications Rep. (May 2018)

Homeschooling Families, Back to School with a Fresh Start—by Jan Wilton, Homeschool Rep. (Sept 2018)

Why Should a Parent Homeschool? —by Jan Wilton, Homeschool Rep. (Oct 2018)

Walk and Learn—by Janine Wilkins, Homeschool guest writer (Nov 2018)

Young Inquiring Minds Just Want to Know—by Jan Wilton, Homeschool Rep. (Dec 2018)


When I Play, I Learn—by Jan Wilton, Homeschool Rep. (Jan 2017)

Homeschool Family Vacation—A Time to Play and Learn—by Jan Wilton, Homeschool Rep. (May 2017)

When Life Gives You Water--Build a Boat—by Tracy Gosnell, Homeschool Rep. (June 2017)

Building His Kingdom, Reaching His Kids—by Jan Wilton, Homeschool Rep. (July-Aug 2017)

Are You Prepared? –by Tracy Gosnell, Homeschool Rep. (Sept 2017)

Hands-On Homeschool—Let’s Get Messy—by Jan Wilton, Homeschool Rep. (Nov 2017)

Savoring or Regretting Things I Wish I Could Do Over—by Jan Wilton, Homeschool Rep. (Dec 2017)


Let the Children Play - Jan Wilton, Home School Rep. (April 2013)

Homeschool Resources Now Available Through Discipleship Place - Janine Wilkins, Home School Rep. (April 2013)

Introducing Jan Wilton - Home School Rep. (April 2013)





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