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Honoring our Educators!

Teachers and Staff Honored by NEW:

North County Christian School Wins State Championship - by Mark Taylor (February 2020)

Bucher and Saipan and Yutu - by Wes Eby (February 2019)                                             

Congratulations Michael Redding, Hickman County 2019 Teacher of the Year! (July 2019)

NEW Honors Janice Vargas, Harvest Elementary School Principal (Nov. 2019)

Nazarene Educator Cindy Alsip Honored by Local School District (Feb. 2018)

NEW Council Member Goes to Washington, D.C. (Oct. 2017)

Schools Honored by NEW:

MK Kudjip MK ElementarySchool     (April 2019)

Spotlight on North County Christian School in Ferguson, Missouri (June 2019)

Les Eby Primary School in Papua, New Guinea (August 2019)

Africa Nazarene University--Nairobi, Africa (November 2019)

Child Development Centers Support Holistic Model of Education (February 2018)

Nazarene Higher Education in Guatemala (April 2018)

Seminario Nazareno de las Americas in Costa Rico Fulfills Vision  (October 2018)

Community Care School in Kenya Empowers Students  (December 2018)

Nazarenes Help Lesotho Village Fulfill Decades-long Wish for a School                (May 2017)

A Haven of Peace, A Day in the Life of Nazarene Evangelical School (October 2017)

Democratic Republic of the Congo Pastor Perseveres in Building Church and School (April 2016)

Global Classrooms Link Arkansas and Romanian High School Students (April 2016)

Madagascar School Aims to Empower Students   (March 2015)

New Nazarene School in Democratic Republic of Congo (November 2015)

Lebanon School Rises Above (February 2014)

Vancouver Team Helps a School in Kenya (March 2014)

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