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Why should you join? 

NEW exists to support Christian Educators in many settings! 

We offer several levels of membership perfectly suited to all educators. 

After you join NEW, you will be able to download a membership card that will meet your obligation to

join a professional organization. You'll then be able to access educator discounts from many vendors!

We will provide you with a link so you can start saving $$$ right away!

If your school or church initiates a membership, all of the educators are

included at no personal cost to them.  Just add their names and email addresses and they

will become members of NEW! 

Or, you may send your list of educators and

their contact information (including their emails) to!  

Back to the "Why Join?" question:  

1. NEW offers all Christian educators a chance to pray for, collaborate and support one another. 

We have six areas of representation for our members:

    * Christian School Educators

    * Home Schooling Educators

    * Public School Educators

    * Preschool/Early Learning Educators

    * Higher Education Educators/Students

    * Global Educators - outside of USA & Canada

2. We publish an excellent newsletter full of helpful articles for educators. 

All of our contacts will be able to access our current newsletter. 

Members can access all of our past newsletters.

For a list of past articles by area of representation, hover over our

NEWsletter tab and look for the drop down menu.

3. We have a wide variety of Professional Development opportunities,

designed to equip members with the skills and resources they need! 

Virtual PD will be at no cost to members!  For a look at our upcoming PD training,

click on the PD entry under the Resources tab at the top of our Homepage. 

Members may also take advantage of customized PD for a nominal cost,

or attend regional training events that will be offered from time to time.

4. We will be looking for special projects NEW can do to help member schools in areas of need. 

This will include a grant application process, so be thinking about your own school and how NEW could help!

5. Individual Members or Schools can be nominated for special honors on our website and in our newsletters. 

Help us celebrate you and the important discipleship work that you do every day!

6. Members may access a Professional Lending Library.  See the dropdown under the Resources tab.

7. Other benefits that are included in membership are:  a job posting page, a professional coaching program (for teachers and leaders), and an opportunityto work with an experienced consultant for general advice and special projects.

We are adding more membership benefits constantly, so if you have a need for something we don't currently offer, let us know! 

Contact Marilyn at

You may also call or text her at 315.679.3103 

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