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(Revised 8-6-21)

Marilyn J. Dominick— NEW Chairperson & Public School Rep

1/2-21   Exciting Opportunities for Nazarene Educators Worldwide

1/2 21   How Did I End Up Here?

5-21       How Should We Assess Student Learning This Year?

7-21       Who Will You Be When You Return to School This Fall?

8-21       Just Do It! (Membership)

9-21       September 2021--How Will Our Schools Be Different?

1/2-20   Second Only to Parenting, Teaching Is the Most Important Job in the World

3/4-20   NEW Needs You! What Do You Need from NEW?

6-20       How Do We Know They Are Learning?

8-20       A Reflection on Being an Educator During COVID-19

8-20       NEW Needs You! What Do You Need from NEW?

9-20       Should We Return to School?

10-20     What Is Your Perspective?

11-20     What Can We Do for Each Other?

1-19       Partnership with Parents

2-19       Redemption and Restoration

3-19       A prayer for Mutual Respect and Protection

4-19       Let’s Teach Our Students to Assess Their Own Writing Pieces

4-19       NEW Needs You! What Do You Need from NEW? (with Lance Howard)

4-19       NEW Needs You! What Do You Need from NEW?

6-19       Reminders About NEW Membership

7-19       You Must Read This Book!

11-19     Preparing Students for Standardized Assessments All Year Long

1-18       Nazarene Educators Worldwide Council Meets in Kansas City

3-18       Autism in YOUR Classroom

6-18       NEW Needs You

7/8-18   What Are Professional Learning Communities and Can They Have an Impact on My School?

9-18       Is Recess Just Play?

11-18     Taming the Middle School Anxiety Beast

12-18     Hold on Tight, the Sugar Plums Will Soon Dance in Your Heads

1-17       What’s Not to Love About Rubrics?

2/3-17   Nazarene Educators Need Your Help

4-17       What Did You Say? What Did You Mean?

5-17       A Leadership Rubric

11-17     The Very Real Challenge of Managing Behavior in the Classroom

8-16       A Prayer for Mutual Respect and Protection

10/11-16  What Is Your Perspective?

2-15       Partnership with Parents

4-15       What I Love (and Don’t Love) About Common Core and Standardized Testing

9-15       It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

11-15     Fear Not! How to prepare for Teacher Observation and Evaluation

2-14       In Order to Be Retired, Do You Have to Be Tired First, and Then Begin Tired Again? YES

9-14       Just Who Do You Think You Are?

10-14     Hold on Tight, the Sugar Plums Will Soon Dance in Our Heads

Lance Howard—HIgher Ed Rep, experienced in Public, Christian, and Charter Schools

1/2-21   Saved from Fire and Serving the Lord

1/2-20   My Educational Calling

4-19       NEW Needs You! What Do You Need from NEW? (with Marilyn Dominick)

8-19       Homework Suggestions in 2015, Homework in 2019-20 (with Beula Postlewait)

1-17       Nazarene Educators Need Your Help

2/3-17   Classroom Observations

4-17       Can Technology and Business Transform Education?

8-16       Teacher Morale

9-16       Contagious Leadership

10/11-16  Set Great Goals

2-15       Teacher Tips for Doing School Well

3-15       Is It State Testing Time Again?

5/6-15   Christian Education-Why Is It Important?

9-15       Letter to Parents

10-15     Homework: Suggestions for Making It Work

Wes Eby—Global Rep, experienced in Public Schools

3-21       Hope—for 2021

4-21       Sustained, Silent Reading—with Twists

6-21       The Road Back to Normal—“Accentuate the Positive”

9-21       My Favorite Teachers—A Tribute to Dr. Homer J. Adams 

3/4-20   Lessons Learned as an ESL Teacher, Part 1

5-20       Lessons Learned as an ESL Teacher, Part 2

6-20       Teaching ESL Impacts Lives in a Local Church: The Journey Continues

6-20       Secrets to Establishing a Positive Teacher/Supervisor Relationship

7-20       ESL--A Ministry That Connects

8-20       School District Honors Respected Nazarene Educator, Jean O’Dell

9-20       Starting School the AWE Way!

10-20     Tiptoeing Through the Politics of 2020

11-20     Faces Behind the Masks

12-20     God Brings the Unexpected

1-19       LEKS, Part 2—Integration of LEKS Across Content Areas

2-19       Butcher and Saipan and Yutu

4-19       MK School in Papua New Guinea Highlands

5-19       Lessons Learned as a New Teacher

6-19       Summertime High and Low Lessons

7-19       Two Great Teachers—Two Writing Mentors

8-19       Lee Eby Primary School in Papua New Guinea Highlands

9-19       “Special” Days Promote Language and Concept Development

10-19     Salt-and-Light Educators

12-19     Blessings!

2-18       Child Development Centers Support a Holistic Model of Education

3-18       NEW’s New Logo

4-18       Nazarene Higher Education in Guatemala Has Huge Impact

6-18       Thailand School of Promise

7/8-18   A Vision, A Plan, A School

10-18     SENDAS Fulfills Vision

11-18     LEKS—Language Expansion Kits

11-18     There Are More Believers Than You Think

12-18     Community Care School in Kenya Empowers Students

7/8-17   Visual Aids Increase Understanding

9-17       Nazarene Churches Establish More Than 100 Schools in the DRC

10-17     A Haven of Peace, A Day in the Life of Nazarene Evangelical School

12-17     A Nazarene University in Southern Africa Is a Pioneer in Education

Beula Postlewait—Communications, Public School

1/2-21   Exciting Opportunities for Nazarene Educators Worldwide

3-21       Who Had It Easiest During COVID-19?

4-21       I Didn’t Understand It at the Time

5-21       The U.S. Department of Education Releases Guidelines to States on Assessing

5-21       Social Distancing in Schools

6-21       Taking a Tour of a Great Resource

8-21       Just Do It! (Membership)

3/4-20   My Experience in an Egyptian Preschool

3/4-20   NEW Needs You! What Do You Need from NEW?

8-20       Saying “Happy Summer” in a Fun Way!

8-20       NEW Needs You! What Do You Need from NEW?

10-20     ANCS—NIEA—NEW: The History and the Future

2-19       Would You Like to Write an Article for This Newsletter?

2-19       Shaping the Future

3-19       Mid-Year Reality Check About Discipline

4-19       Teaching with Higher-Order Thinking Skills

5-19       Learning to Teach in Southern Ohio

6-19       Summer House Cleaning

7-19       Congratulations, Michael Redding!

7-19       I Love to Read Books

8-19       What Are Inclusive Playgrounds?

9-19       When Left Is Right

9-19       Would You Like to Write an Article for This Newsletter?

11-19     Seasons of Teaching

12-19     A Calling and a Choice

1-18       Prayer for My Class in 2018

2-18       Nazarene Educator Honored by Local School District (Cindy Alsip)

5-18       Why Should a Parent Homeschool?

6-18       Teach Children to Make Good Choices

9-18       Good Reasons to Call Parents

9-18       Incorporate Humor in Your Classroom

10-18     Did the Principal Come into Your Room Today?

12-18     Fun Ways to Help Children Become Good Readers

10-17     News About Storms and Our Nazarene Schools

1-16       Our Gifts to Our Children

12-16     Never Too Old for Dolls

3-15       Using the Internet to Complete Schoolwork at Home

3-15       What Will Be Your Legacy?

4-15       Perseveranceto the End of the Race

5/6-15   Summer House Cleaning

9-15       Why Is the No. 2 the No. 1?

11-15     Are You a Member of Nazarene Educators Worldwide?

8-14       Your Eyes Affect Your Learning

9-14       How Important Is the Number 3?

10-14     Happy Thanksgiving

12-14     Dreams and Visions

Deborah Hughes—Preschool/Early Childhood Learning Center

2-19       Teach Your Children to Follow Directions Successfully

4-19       God Intervenes in a Little Boy’s Life

1-18       A Solution for One Child’s Misbehavior

4-18       I-Wish-I-Had-This-Book

5-18       How Do You Conduct a Family Altar?

7/8-18   A Child Who Is Difficult to Love

9-18       Risk Management on the Playground

7/8-17   Syrian Refugee Child Learns About God

9-17       NEW Council Member Goes to Washington, D.C.

12-17     Connecting Biblical Truth to Children’s Daily Experiences

Yolanda McHodgkins—Public School

1/2-21   Wherever I Go, Whatever the Curriculum, God Is There

4-21       A Student I Will Never Forget

5-20       A Teddy Bear Teaches a Lesson About God’s Love

7-20       Take Care of Yourself

3-19       Learning to Wait

5-19       My First Year of Teaching Preschool

7-19       Painting, Having Fun, Learning

8-19       Learning While Having Fun

12-19     Changes Can Be Good

1-18       Preparing for Parent/Teacher Conferences

3-18       Prayerful Preparation for Teaching

5-18       A Teacher’s Valuable Resource

7/8-18   Tips for the Beginning of a School Year

9-18       Take Care of Yourself

11-18     Learning to Fight Spiritual Oppression

9-17       What Can Christian Teachers Say or Do in the Public-School Classroom?

Becky Ramsey—Public School and Christian School

7-21       Refresh, Research, and Renew

8-21       Practical Education—Beginning a Business 

1/2-20   Living the Word in the World

7-20       The Positives in the Pandemic

9-20       Are You Ready for This School Year?

12-20     The Secret of a Closed Door

2-19       Guiding the Gifted Student

4-19       Soaring for Success with Standardized Tests

5-19       Finishing Strong

6-19       Refresh, Research, and Renew

8-19       Get Ready, Get Set, Go!

10-19     Becoming Salt and Light

12-19     Family, Christmas, Missions

2-18       Assessment for Assessment Sake or for Improving Environment

4-18       Differentiation Can Make a Difference

6-18       Take Time to Listen

7/8-18   Create Something Fresh for the New Year

10-18     Putting the Principles into Practice

12-18     Overcoming Storms in the Classroom

3-17       A Teacher Loves . . .

4-17       Under the Surface

7/8-17   Adding to a Teacher’s Bag of Tricks

10-17     Terms and Questions Galore

12-17     The Need to Read

1-16       New Year: New You…New Day: New You

3-16       The Home Stretch

8-16       Ready, Set, Go

9-16       The Dreaded Duty

10/11-16—My Gift to Him

12-16     A Gift for Him

4-15       Finishing Strong

7/8-15   Summer Break

10-15     No Child Left Inside

1-14       A Challenge for 2014

2-14       The Faithful Teacher

4-14       Waiting on the Lord

6/7-14   One Waters and Another Plants

8-14       Classroom Rules or God’s Rules

10-14     What Kind of Gift Do I Bring?

12-14     Seeking to Make Conferences Non-Confrontational

1-13       God’s Requirements for Teachers

3-13       His Priorities Instead of Our Balancing

5-13       A Sower Versus a Gardener

12-13     Expanding One’s Gift to Gifts

12-12     Grumbly Hateful or Humbly Grateful

Midge Simpson—Preschool/Early Childhood Learning Center

1/2-20   Squeals, Squirming, and Surprises

7-20       Kids with Problems, Not Problem Kids

12-19     God Sent a Four-Legged Angel         

1-18       Praying Scripture for Our Children

3-18       Creating a Positive Learning Environment

7/8-18   Kids with Problems, Not Problem Kids

10-18     Loving Kids Everywhere

12-18     Keeping Balance in your Life

9-17       Brett the Bear Visits

11-17     Learning with Letter Vests

9-15       Dare to Discipline

Mark Taylor—College/University Level, Christian School

4-21       The Strength of Gentleness

5-21       Have You Tried Assistive Technology?

7-21       What Will Teachers Do During the Summer?

9-21       God Has It All in His Hands (Including COVID) 

1/2-20   My Story—from West Virginia to Missouri

5-20       Through and Beyond COVID-19

6-20       A Teacher’s Relationship with an Administrator: A Look at Both Sides

11-20     Why Should You, as a Christian, Vote?

12-20     Me! Teach in a Christian School?

3-19       March and Pi

9-19       The Ultimate Teacher

9-19       The First Day of School

2-18       Anxiety in 2018

4-18       March Madness and Spring Break

6-18       Graduation Thoughts

7/8-18   Where Will You Connect This Fall?

11-18     Give Thanks

12-18     The Last Straw

7/8-17   Tips for a Successful College School Year

9-17       Disasters Bring Opportunities to Help Others

10-17     Reasons Today’s Kids Are Bored at School, Feel Entitled, Have Little Patience and Fewer Real Friends

Jan Wilton—Homeschool, Public School, Preschool/Early Childhood Learning Center

1-21       Called to Teach and Serve

3-21       Does Happiness Require a Different Type of Learning?

5-21       End of the Year Tests—a Time to Be RELAXED and Celebrate!

7-21       Getting Back to Normal? Go Outside and Play!

8-21       The Best Benefits of Teaching 

9-21       Get on the Road to Reading 

5-20       Being Resilient as a Homeschool Parent

8-20       Hands-on Homeschool—Let’s Get Messy!

1-19       Reclaiming Childhood

2-19       We Are Diversely One

3-19       Can I Teach the Bible?

5-19       I Wonder . . .

6-19       Intergenerational Learning

9-19       Promoting Creativity in a Non-Creative World

10-19     Building His Kingdom by Reaching His Kids

2-18       Making a Difference in a Child’s Perspective of the World

3-18       Put Some SPARK in Your Life

4-18       Just a Few More Minutes, Please?

9-18       Homeschooling Families—Back to School with a Fresh Start

10-18     Why Should a Parent Homeschool?

12-18     Young Inquiring Minds Just Want to Know

1-17       When I Play, I Learn

5-17       Homeschool Family Vacation—A Time to Play and Learn

7/8-17   Building His Kingdom, Reaching His Kids

11-17     Hands-On Homeschool—Let’s Get Messy

12-17     Savoring or Regretting Things I Wished I Could Do Over

1-16       We Are Diversely One

3-15       Easter Is More Than a Chocolate Bunny

5/6-15   Friendship Factor

7/8-15   Intergenerational Learning

1-14       Reclaiming Childhood

8-14       Called to Teach with Love

9-14       Why I’ll Never Tell My Son He’s Smart

Melodee Simmons—Preschool/Early Childhood Learning Center

3-21       New Ways to Direct a Preschool

4-21       Oh, the Things We Can Learn from a Child

6-21       What Is “Normal” Now?

8-21       What Will You Do with This New School Year?

1/2-20   From Retain to Potty Training to Director

5-20       Remembering God Is Still in Control

9-20       Changes! Changes! Changes!

10-20     Not All Queens Wear Crowns

12-20     God Always Has a Plan

3-19       God Bless Teachers

4-19       Teachers Under Construction

5-19       Oh, the Things a Two-Year-Old Can Teach You

6-19       Oh, the Changes I Have Seen

7-19       The Children I Have Taught

8-19       A New School Year

11-19    The Perfect Class

2-18       “I Didn’t Get It Out”

11-18     Children Learn by Playing

1-17       Local Celebrations

5-17       Not All Queens Wear Crowns

12-17     What Do You Do?

1-16       Christmas Throughout the Year

4-16       Recycle Gardening

8-16       A New School Year

9-16       Are the Children “Life-Ready”?

12-16     Christmas Memories

2-15       Child’s Play

4-15       God’s Loved

7/8-15   Jesus Is Still the Same

10-15     The Wonders of Fall

11-15     God Bless Teachers

2-14       Teachers Under Construction

4-14       Spring Ideas for a Preschool Class

6/7-14   Where Are They Now?

10-14     Autumn Is Here!

12-14     Christmas Traditions

12-13     What Do You Do?

Janine Wilkins—Homeschool

9-21       Take a Fresh Look at Debating

3-15       Bathroom Classroom for Homeschoolers

12-12     Prepare Your Kids for the Real World

12-12     Homeschool Mom Discovers New Methods

Nancy Shonamon, Christian School

3-21       Christian Education Can Be a Bargain for More American Families

4-21       Making the Most of the Minutes

6-21       How to Move Forward in the Search of Scholarships for College

8-21       Hearing the Voice

1/2-20   Nazarene Christian Academy in Crowley, Texas, Celebrating 35 Years

3-4-20   Private Education—More Affordable Than You Think

5-20       A Prayer for Guidance from a School Administrator

6-20       COVID-19, Little Johnny, and the Relationship Connection

9-20       Ways to Reduce Stress This Fall

12-20     It Took a Journey to Learn a Lesson

7-19       Shaping the Future


Donita Lewis

3/4-20   Donita Lewis—Discipline for Preschoolers—an Overview

Dr. Greg Clark

8-20       God Is Always on Time

Charity Shonamon

9-20       Just Passing Through

Nicole Almeida

7-20       Nazarene Theological College—Manchester Students Serve Neighbors Affected by Pandemic (Eurasia Region Newsletter)

10-20     Can a Science Teacher Become a Missionary?

Susan Whitmire

10-20     I Miss that 7:45 Bell!

Nazarene Prayer Mobilization Line

10-20     Nazarene Schools Survive Massive Explosion (Beirut, Lebanon)

Christine Spicer (PLNU) Editor of Viewpoint Magazine

11-20     Michelle Murphy’s Wi-Fi on Wheels

Dr. David Arnold—College/University

9-19       Why Do You Teach?

Dr. Nancy Quinones—College/University

1-19       Our Reach or Our Limited Scope?

1-18       Educators Need to Dialogue About Race, Ethnicity, Equity, and Justice

10-18     Who Am I?

Cindy Alsip—Public Secondary School

1-19       Catch the Sparks in Students’ Eyes

2-18       Nazarene Educator (Cindy Alsip) Honored by Local School District

4-18       Unexpected Opportunities

3-14       Catch a Spark in a Student’s Eyes

6/7-14   Summertime, Summertime, Sum-Sum-Summertime

3-13       Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice

12-13     God, Give Us Help and Strength

Janyne McConnaughey—Educator and Writer

4-18       Triggers: Providing Emotional Safety in the Classroom

5-18       The Classroom Through the Lens of Trauma

9-18       Ten Things I Need at School

Kathy Lewis—Public School

2-18       Building a Three-Legged Stool

Nancy Hale, Homeschooling Parent and Guest Writer

3-21    Christmas Dinosaurs in a Topsy-Turvy 2020 

David Howard - Global

7-21       MK School in Papua New Guinea Offers Teaching Opportunity

Janet Wilkins

9-21       36 on 36th   (reprint of article from Round the Region, newsletter of Asia-Pacific Region)   


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